More Valentine’s Day Crafts! Felt Baskets


I was never a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but I find that I enjoy it much more with kids. Now it’s about heart shaped fruit kabobs and Valentines Day crafts, not flowers and fancy restaurants and that’s fine with me!  These felt Valentine’s Day baskets are quick and inexpensive to make.  They are fun to make with kids as long as they have some help with the scissors and hot glue.  They can decorate them however they like…  think glitter!  They can be filled with candy, snacks, toys or anything you would like.

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Romantic Dinner Ideas


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I started planning a menu of romantic dinner ideas I can make at home.  We don’t usually go out on Valentine’s Day.  It can be hard to get a babysitter, restaurants are crowded and the menus are often limited.  Instead, we usually get dinner ready, put the kids to bed a little early and have a nice dinner right at home.  Here are some romantic dinner ideas for Valentine’s Day or any date night at home.

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Berry Chocolate Snack Mix and Valentine’s Day Printables


This chocolate berry snack mix with these Valentine’s Day printables is a berry sweet Valentine’s gift for anyone.  Print out the bag toppers and tags and you will have homemade Valentines for the whole class in no time plus one for the teacher!  I took these picture earlier and couldn’t stop eating the snack mix.  Luckily I packed up enough for my daughter’s class first.

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