Quilted Heart Pillow


I came up with this project as a quick and easy pillow to sew for Valentine’s Day, but I think it would be great for any time of the year.  It would also be a fun project to sew with kids and you probably already have the supplies in your stash. 

free heart pillow sewing tutorial

Of course, if you need an excuse to buy more fabric, I used Tula Pink’s Slow & Steady for this project.  Here’s what you will need.

free heart pillow tutorial

(10) 2.5″ x 22″ strips of fabric
coordinating thread
22″ x 22″ piece of batting
22″ x 22″ piece fabric for backing
fabric scissors
paper scissors
Crafter’s Choice Fiberfill 10oz
hand sewing needle

Make a paper heart template by taping 6 sheets of letter size paper together, 3 rows of 2 columns landscape.  Fold in half and draw a heart.  Trim as necessary giving the bottom more of a curve than a point.  You could skip this step and cut the heart out of your fabric if you would like. The heart should be about 20″ wide by 21″ high.

free heart pillow tutorial

Smooth out the piece of batting and lay down the strip you would like in the middle, right side up.

Lay another strip on top, right sides together.

free heart pillow tutorial

Sew with along one edge with a 1/4″ seam allowance.

free heart pillow tutorial

Flip the strip right side up and smooth with your hands or press.

free heart pillow tutorial

Lay another strip on top of the last one right sides together.  Sew with a 1/4″ seam allowance.  Flip and press.  Continue on the same side until you reach the edge and then continue on the other side until all 10 strips are sewn on.

I like to do a little quilting on top.  I just sew straight lines on each side of the seams.  You can leave it or quilt it further.  Place the heart pattern on top and either trace and cut or use pins or pattern weights and cut.  I LOVE these bent scissors for cutting all patterns.  The flat edge stays on the table and they make it really easy to cut.

free heart pillow tutorial

Cut out the back piece and lay the top and bottom right sides together.  Pin and sew with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Leaving a 5″ gap for turning.

free heart pillow tutorial

Cut notches into the curves of the heart.

free heart pillow tutorial

Turn right side out through the gap you left.  Use a point turner or seam creaser to smooth out the edges.  Press flat.  Stuff with Poly-fil and hand sew the gap closed.

free heart pillow tutorial

That’s it!  Now you have a perfect heart shaped pillow ready for Valentine’s Day or any time!

Happy sewing!




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