Free Grocery List Printable


If you’re like me, you dread grocery shopping, especially on the weekends.  I love going to the farmer’s market or specialty shops, but the regular old grocery store on the weekend makes me cringe.  Of course before I go, I have to plan meals and make a list.  Also not always what I want to be doing.   I came up with this list to make life a little easier.  It also makes it even better when I hand the list to my husband and he goes to the store! Continue reading

Baked Zucchini Bites


Like many people at this time of year, I have an abundance of zucchini.  I needed a really quick and easy way to prepare them the other night that sort of hid their veggieness from my daughter.  I came up with this recipe and I am not lying when I tell you that they didn’t make it to dinner.  I put them out on the counter while the rest of dinner was cooking and they were gone before we sat down.  So, I guess they make a good appetizer!  They weren’t a hit with my little one, but she doesn’t know what she’s missing. Continue reading

Owl Tag Toy Pattern and Tutorial

I was going to make a tag blanket for my new little one, but I then I decided to create this owl tag toy instead.  It’s small enough to take anywhere and made out of super soft fleece and flannel (or anything you choose).  You can attach toys or teething rings to the ribbons or add a rattle inside to customize.  They are easy to make and would make a great handmade baby gift.  They are also a great way to use up fabric scraps. Continue reading

Hidden Veggie Mac & Cheese

Hidden Veggie Mac and Cheese - Perfect quick and healthy recipe for the whole family. #kidfriendlyrecipes #macandcheese

Determined to come up with something relatively healthy when my 2-year-old was having a particularly picky week, I came up with this recipe for Hidden Veggie Mac & Cheese.  Of course, it had to have the right orange color and the right shape pasta.  The verdict…  it was a hit!  The adults had this as a side dish the same night and everyone liked it.  The veggies I used all had a mild but slightly sweet flavor, so they blended right in and my daughter ate it, so it was a win.  It was a little dry as leftovers, so I recommend adding a splash of milk when you reheat it. Continue reading