Laminated Zipper Pouch Tutorial


I love making zipper pouches. They are quick and easy to sew and have so many uses! I decided to make a few for my daughter to use since she is heading off to Kindergarten in a few weeks.

I have made these before with just cotton but I wanted these to be a little more durable so I laminated the fabric with Pellon 100 Vinyl Fuse. If you don’t use laminated cotton, I recommend using canvas or one layer of Pellon Shape-Flex and one layer of Pellon Fusible Fleece to give it some body.


Basic Sewing Supplies – matching thread, ruler, scissors, marking tools, pins or clips, etc.
Main Fabric – (2) pieces 10” x 4”
Lining Fabric – (2) pieces 10” x 4”
Zipper Tab Fabric – (2) pieces 2” x 3”
Zipper – at least 9”, longer is fine
Pellon 100 Vinyl Fuse– (2) pieces 10” x 4”
Pellon Shape-Flex– (2) pieces 10” x 4”
Wonder Tape – optional

Prep the zipper by measuring and marking 8″ apart on the back of the zipper. I lay the zipper down and mark at the 1″ and 9″ marks. I usually do this in the middle section of the zipper so I don’t have to worry about sewing over the stops.

Take one of the tabs and lay it right side up. Place the zipper right side down. Leave about 1/4″ of fabric past the mark you just made. Wrap the fabric around the zipper and sew with about a 1/4″ seam allowance. I sew over the whole zipper once and then backstitch over the stitch line so it’s nice and secure. Repeat for on the other side. Make sure your zipper pull is in the middle when you place the fabric! Cut off the excess zipper and pull the tab to the right side. Cut each tab to be about 1″ so your total zipper with the tabs measures 10″.


Prep the outer fabric by ironing on the Pellon Shape-Flex to the wrong side. Use the directions on the Pellon 100 Vinyl Fuse press that to the right side of the fabric. It might be helpful to test a swatch first. There is also a great video here: Pellon Vinyl Fuse Tutorial.

Take one piece of your main fabric and place it right side up. I like to use a piece of Wonder Tape to keep the zipper in place. Place the zipper right side down on the outer fabric. It’s easier if it is unzipped. Place a piece of lining right side down on the zipper and line up. I use Wonder Clips for this instead of pins so it won’t leave a mark on the vinyl.


Sew as close to the zipper teeth as you can. You can use a zipper foot. I just use my walking foot and move the needle over to the farthest position. When you get close to the zipper pull, stop with the needle down, raise the presser foot and zip it so the pull is out of the way.

Flip the fabrics back so they are right side out. Place the remaining outer fabric right side up. Place the zipper right side down on top. Place the lining fabric on top right side down. (You want the outer fabrics right sides together and the lining fabric right sides together.) Sew the same way as before.


On the lining side, gently press both sides flat. Top stitch on both sides about 1/8″ from where the fabric and zipper tape meet.


Bring the right sides of the outer fabric together and the right sides of the lining together. Make sure the zipper tabs fold toward the lining. Clip in place. Sew around all 4 sides leaving a 4″ gap at the bottom of the lining. Use about a 3/8″ seam allowance.


At each corner, measure and mark 3/4″ in from both edges. Cut along the marks.


Open the corners and pinch the edges so the seams along the side and bottom align. Sew using a generous 1/4″ seam allowance. Flip right side out through the gap, poke out the corners and tabs with a point turner or dull pencil, and sew the gap closed by stitching close to the edge.



If your vinyl looks wrinkly after turning the pouch, lay the pouch flat, place a couple of layers of fabric over it and gently press. While it is still warm, use your hands to smooth out the vinyl and adhere it to the fabric.


That’s it!

This size is also perfect for sunglasses!

For the pouches in the photos, I used Riley Blake Circle Dots. I love the bright colors! Perfect for school.

Happy sewing!

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  1. Thank you! I like to make things for Samaritan ‘s Purse Christmas gift boxes and I can see myself making these for next year. Blessings to you!

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