Fabric Basket Sewing Pattern & Kit in Three Sizes


Luckily, I like to organize!  I say luckily because with a fabric shop and sewing classroom, there is a lot that needs to be kept tidy.  I wanted to make some fabric bins or baskets for a while.  I tried several different methods, interfacings and stabilizers and they just weren’t what I was going for.  I wanted a really sturdy basket with handles.  More like a box, really.  So, I decided to try using a cardboard box.  Voila, just what I wanted.  It took a lot of math to figure these out and my whiteboard looks like I am a geometry teacher, but I came up with three sizes.

In order to make these easy for you to whip up at home, I created a kit with the essentials to make these. The kit includes a cardboard box, rivets, leather handles and a printed pattern. Just add fabric and you have a stylish way to stay organized. This pattern does require some sewing.  The rivets are easy to insert and don’t require any special tools.

I love the small baskets for neatly folded 1/2 yards and fat quarters.  It also is great for printed patterns and small notions.  It measures 10″ wide x 6″ deep x 4″ high.

The medium basket is great for books and magazines or for bigger cuts of fabric. It measures 12″ wide x 8″ deep x 4″ high.

The largest size is my go to for projects.  I like to organize the projects I am working on and have the fabric, trims, patterns and notions all in one place.  It measures 14″ wide x 10″ deep x 4″ high.


Here are the finished sizes, fabric guide and notion list.

The handles come in three color choices: black, tan, and chestnut.

These have so many uses!  They would be great for knitting projects, household clutter and they make perfect gift baskets. What will you use these for?

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