Easy DIY Pajamas


Pajama pants have to be one of my favorite things to sew.  They are so easy and they don’t take long to make.  There are also so many great and inexpensive fleece and flannel prints.  Pajama pants are also very useful and get worn a lot.  I have made several pairs for myself and for my kids.  They are also a really cute gift idea.

For kids’ pants, I use the free pattern found at FleeceFun.com.  Angel at Fleece Fun has the best and easiest video tutorial.  They really are as easy to make as it look in the video.  If you are using cotton or flannel without stretch, I would say to go up a size or two on the pattern.

I have also made my own patterns from existing pants for adult pants and sew them the same way as in the video tutorial.

To make pajama shirts, I buy inexpensive plain shirts.  Target has plain long sleeve girls’ shirts for $5 that work great.

For these ones, I used T-shirt transfer paper and cut out the “A”.  I cut the flower from a scrap piece of the flannel and ironed it on with fusible web.

For others, I have done appliques.  I iron on paper backed fusible web to the material that I want to use for the applique.  Then I draw or trace my shape on the paper side of the fabric and cut them out.  Peel off the paper back, place them on the shirt and iron according to package directions.  I usually stitch around the applique with a straight stitch or a zigzag  stitch.

You can see how much my ‘model’ loves her pj’s.  She could hardly stay still!

I am off to make a couple of pairs now for gifts (and maybe another pair for me)!

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