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sewing starter kit

With the holidays fast approaching we have been selling lots of EverSewn Sparrow sewing machines. If you are interested in learning more about the machines, please read our
EverSewn Sparrow Sewing Machine Review.  Of course, as soon as the sewing machine under the tree is opened, your little sewer is going to want to start creating.  That’s why we put together this kit specifically designed for younger sewers.  It is all of our favorite and essential supplies designed with the the safety and skills of our students or any new sewers.

sewing starter kit for kidsPurchase a Crosscut Starter Kit

All of the supplies are held in this handy 12″ x 12″ clear ArtBin storage box with a handle.  This tote will keep everything neat and tidy when not in use and has plenty of room for fabric and additional notions. Inside the tote we have included:


  1. 2 Spools of Gutermann All Purpose Thread. (1 black, 1 white)
  2. Fiskars 7″ Student Sewing Scissors.  These easy to handle sewing scissors are perfect for younger students! The bent handle design keeps materials flat while cutting. They are sized for smaller hands with precision-ground, stainless steel blades. Tested to ensure clean cutting of fabric to the tip.
  3. Thread snips.  We always teach sewers to use small scissors for small jobs.  Less chance for errors!  These sharp thread snips come with an attached blade cover.
  4.  Hand sewing needles in assorted sizes in a travel case.
  5. 6″ x 12″ clear acrylic ruler.
  6. Retractable tape measure.
  7. Erasable pen.
  8. Chalk pencil.
  9. Magnetic seam guide for the sewing machine.
  10. Point turner and seam creaser.
  11. Clips!  We use these in class instead of pins.  Not only are they safer for little fingers, but they are easy to use and work like a charm.  They also enure that students stop and take them out as they sew giving them a chance to readjust and check their project.
  12. Seam ripper. Hey, we all need one!
  13. 2 extra bobbins, 2 bobbin buddies which keep the bobbin attached to the spool of thread and 2 tulip bobbin clips which keep the bobbins from unwinding and making a mess.
  14. 2 fat quarters of fabric.  You can pick your own in the shop.  If purchasing online, please use the notes section to indicate your sewer’s 2 favorite colors and we will pick 2 great fabrics.

All of these items individually would add up to over $70.  We are selling these kits through the holidays for only $49.95.

If you are looking for some easy projects to go with a new sewing machine, we definitely recommend picking up a panel or two.  These doll or project panels are perfect for a first solo project.  All of the pieces are printed on the fabric.  They just need to be cut out and sewn together.  The directions are printed right on the panel so adults can help, even without much sewing knowledge.

Just Another Walk Woods
Elf Panel

Princess Panel

Palace Panel

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Howdy Cowboy

We are happy to answer any questions about the machines or kits!  Happy sewing!



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