Back to Basics!


I have mixed feelings as I write this, but it has been brewing for a while and the time has come!  After a lot of thought and consideration of how to best make Crosscut successful and respond to the market, I am making some big and exciting changes.  

As many of you know, this business started in my home.  I started it as an online fabric shop and it took off. At several growth points, I considered moving out of my home but the biggest thing stopping me was owning a retail business with retail hours.  With 2 young children, I knew it would be challenging to work 50+ hours a week.

If you have been into to shop, you know that the classroom is fairly small.  I am shifting the classroom to the front part of the shop so that we can make it bigger and fit more students per class.  Over the last two years, there has been a lot of interest in the classes, mainly for kids and beginners. That had been my hope for Crosscut and the main reason I opened a physical location.  

I wanted to teach and share my love of sewing.  I wanted to eliminate the barriers and expense to taking a sewing class, especially for beginners.  I wanted a class format where all students had to do was show up.

When I found my current space, I thought it was perfect to run the online business and teach classes.  That was the plan. As I moved the fabric into the shop and began to set things up, it seemed to make sense to add retail hours.  So I did. I worked to get the word out about the shop and started building customers and friends.

I have loved getting to meet people and offer assistance with sewing projects and fabric selections.  Over time, the retail shop became a large focus. That lead to a lot of inventory and overhead which ultimately overshadowed my original vision.

Looking realistically at the cost of running that part of the business and the potential to grow other aspects, it just makes sense to make the shift.  I am really excited and can’t wait to show off the changes in January.

The good news:

  • We will be able to accommodate more students per class.  This also means more workspace and room to spread out.
  • We will be able to accomodate private events, sewing parties, troop meetings and retreats.  
  • We will still have the online shop with in-store pickup available.  
  • We will still have top quality fabric, just a little less of it and a more classic, less trendy focus.  
  • We have big plans that are still underwraps, like new patterns, kits and more!
  • There will be shopping weekends scheduled throughout the year where you can still visit and shop in person.  (We will have some specials that will make it hard to resist!)

Important Dates:

December 23 – Last day of regular retail hours

December 24 – January 3 – Closed

January 4 – 6 – Inventory reduction sale.  Shop open 12-5

January 7 – January 21 – Shop closed except for limited classes.  Online shop open!

January 22 – Regular classes resume.

February 15 – 18 – Open shopping weekend!  Come see the new space and get some great deals!

I appreciate your understanding and support as we make this shift.  Thank you!

One thought on “Back to Basics!

  1. I wish you all the best Stephanie. I am beginning to teach my 7 year old granddaughter to sew, she is very interested in learning. She can’t reach the pedal on the floor, so I sit next to her and control the speed while she sews straight lines and seams. She want to make a quilt, so she started on a four patch using a charm pack. I’m having fun and so is she.

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