Introducing Crosscut Sewing Co!

I am so excited to share the big news!  Two More Minutes is now Crosscut Sewing Co.   Why the change?  Well, it’s a long story but here’s the sort of summed up version. I started Two More Minutes as a blog in 2013.  I posted a variety of recipes, craft projects and sewing tutorials.  I was working full time as a web designer and I had a newborn and a 2-year-old, so I was pretty busy.  I blogged when I had time. 

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Wristlet Key Fob Tutorial


Wristlet key chains are one of my go to projects when I want a quick gift idea or need to use up some fabric scraps.  I have several of these key fobs that I use every day.  I like to keep most of my keys separate so I have a different color for each set of keys.  This makes it quick to identify which set I need.  I often hang them on the door knob so I don’t forget them on my way out!  They…

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Friendship Scarf – A Perfect DIY Graduation Gift

I recently finished a fun project that I just had to share.  A friend’s daughter was graduating from college and she wanted to give her group of friends a special gift to remember each other.  These friendship scarves make great graduation, team or going to college gifts.  There are so many ways to adjust the concept.  You could use all of one person’s sentimental clothing, a group of friends, a team, band or cast!

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