EverSewn Sparrow Sewing Machine Review


We have a very active classroom at Crosscut Sewing Co.! Over the last year we have held hundreds of classes with students of all ages. The majority of our students, both young and old are beginners. When introducing students to sewing, I want it to be fun and not frustrating. My heart sinks when I hear that someone went to a big box store and bought a $99 machine. I know that they potentially have hours of jammed machines, threading issues, tension issues and frustration ahead of them. Considering that a machine repair or service visit will average around $100, it really isn’t a bargain. Continue reading

Fabric Basket Sewing Pattern & Kit in Three Sizes


Luckily, I like to organize!  I say luckily because with a fabric shop and sewing classroom, there is a lot that needs to be kept tidy.  I wanted to make some fabric bins or baskets for a while.  I tried several different methods, interfacings and stabilizers and they just weren’t what I was going for.  I wanted a really sturdy basket with handles.  More like a box, really.  So, I decided to try using a cardboard box.  Voila, just what I wanted.  It took a lot of math to figure these out and my whiteboard looks like I am a geometry teacher, but I came up with three sizes. Continue reading